Royal Opera Announces First 3D Filming of Opera!

     The Royal Opera has announced today that it intends to film Francesca Zambello’s production of Carmen in 3D. Filming will take place next month and will be distributed in autumn. ROH will be opening the filming sessions to the public with a discounted ticket price.

     The partnership with RealD, the same 3D firm that worked on Alice in Wonderland, Up!, and Avatar, marks a dawning of a new age for opera filming.
     This announcement in some ways trumps the HD broadcasts of the MET, which has been viewed as a cutting edge innovation in the opera world. However, with many other companies including the ROH jumping on the HD broadcast bandwagon, the MET now has new competition. Although the MET is arguably the market leader having sold 2.2 million tickets to HD events last year, it will still have to defend its position.
     One thing is for certain; whoever produces the first “Live in 3D broadcast” will be a new contender for the HD broadcast market.

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