New Sources for the Opera World

Great developments in the cyber opera world are a rare occurrence indeed.  An even rarer occurrence is the development of two great resources in the span of one month.
 James Newman of the A Liberal’s Libretto reported yesterday on his blog that of the Metropolitan Opera Guild has just premiered their new website.  The site features a user-friendly design and the first official Opera News blog.  Along with the website design launch on April 16th, Opera news has also launched a twitter feed, OPERANEWS.  Although a twitter hatchling, the opera world looks forward to their tweets with much enthusiasm. For Opera News these moves represent a great step forward towards a more user-interactive interface and a further commitment to digital media. has also released a new sub-site called, although it still operates under Broadway World’s domain.  This site is a great resource for opera news feeds and links, although RSS feeds have not yet been posted for readers.  There is no word yet as to if they will be switching over to the domain or if they will be establishing a separate opera twitter account from their current broadwayworld account.

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